Fast Fashion is Still a Major Problem

Fast Fashion is Still a Major Problem

At Ted Talks X UniGeneva, 2019, Samantha Rudick, a Policy Specialist at SUN Movement, wanted to make one thing very clear: Fast fashion is still a problem.

And, it’s bigger than you think.

After several years of research in the field, it seems as though the detrimental aspects of fast fashion haven’t quite reached the awareness of the masses yet. With fast fashion companies showing no sign of slowing down (albeit with some weak attempts at reform), the proliferation of celebrity fashion lines, and, likely, rising inflation, consumer habits remain more or less the same. Ms. Rudick took to the Ted Talk stage to break down why this needs to change now – and how we, as consumers, can have an impact.

Key Takeaways

One reason that might be causing this issue, aside from awareness, is the overarching feeling that the individual has no real power. While it can be difficult to have a quick or large impact this way, there are still options for people to affect change. Whether it’s lobbying for policy reform or even just choosing to buy from a more sustainable company, those actions start to add up. Over time, if enough people push, companies are forced to evolve, proving that consumers can ultimately be effective changemakers.

The other main takeaway from the talk is the immediate need for systemic change. Although there are a lot of people working towards this goal, the research shows that this work needs to continue. Because at this point, there are still too many unprotected workers, too many unsafe chemicals and practices being used and too much clothing being made and wasted due to the overall lack of quality and overconsumption.

To learn more about the state of the fashion industry – or if you just enjoy Ted Talks (and this is a good one!) – check out the video below for more.

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