Wearwell: the Personal Shopping Service Signalling that Sustainable Fashion is Finally In

Wearwell: the Personal Shopping Service Signalling that Sustainable Fashion is Finally In

A few years back when I started this blog (I managed to get about seven articles posted before giving up in 2014), no one really knew what fast fashion was. No one really knew what sustainable fashion was either, come to think of it. And to be completely honest… I don’t really think anyone cared.

Sustainability Hits Hollywood

Fast-forward to January 2016: Fast fashion brands like H&M start releasing eco-friendly lines. Global celebrities like Emma Watson – the star of Harry Potter and newly appointed ambassador to the UN – start showing up to film premieres in gowns made from entirely recycled materials. These changes were signs of a much more serious wave of eco-initiatives on the way, and are already proving strong in 2017 (I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty sure it was my one article about fast fashion that nobody read and of which I will shamelessly repost here, that probably kicked off this movement…).

Watson with Writer Stephen Chbosky and producer Todd Lieberman at the premiere of Beauty and the Beast in 7 March 2017, Wikipedia

Commerce Takes on Green Fashion

Skip ahead to now, April 2017: I was reading an article at Fashionista about the immediate success (I mean literally within hours) of a sustainable fashion personal shopping service: Wearwell. This. Is. Massive. What this signals is a huge shift in consumer behavior towards BOTH sustainable fashion and an increased interest in style. On top of the fact that this exists, the very idea that this company was able to raise some $30k in a matter of a day says that people have been eagerly awaiting something like this. Brands, take note.

The company was started by Erin Houston and Emily Kenney in the hopes of solving the overwhelming nature of shopping for affordable clothing that looks far more luxurious and beautiful than a potato sack. Although they provide the same overall experience as other personal shoppers, the difference is in the eco touch. Personally, and if I wasn’t making my business out of a very similar concept, this would be something I would jump on. It’s fashionable, it’s socially conscious, it’s affordable…um, yes please.



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