The Psychology of Fashion Explores The Pitfalls of Sustainability

The Psychology of Fashion Explores The Pitfalls of Sustainability

“That there are those of us in the industry more motivated by adding real value, and those more motivated to be part of it to elevate themselves. The latter dynamic seems to be particularly prevalent in the sustainability circles, where many seek to be associated with the ethical credential for its halo effect.” The Psychology of Fashion

Photo courtesy of Anabel Maldonado, The Psychology of Fashion.

When you think of sustainability, you kind of assume everyone involved has the best intentions. Even if it is a subset of the fashion industry, a group not known for always having the best of intentions. But as with pretty much everything else in this world, that’s not always the case.

It rang particularly true at this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit, one of, if not the biggest, sustainable fashion events going. It boasts incredible speakers and panels (nearly every name you can think of involved in ethical fashion), exclusive dinners, and even a visit from the Crown Princess. However, thanks to its size and notoriety, it also presents a hotbed of not only the good stuff (like innovation and positivity), but of those in the community looking to assert their position in the ethical fashion circle.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit and the darker side of fashion.
Photo courtesy of Highsnobiety, 2018.

Fortunately, The Psychology of Fashion’s, Anabel Maldonado, took to her laptop to examine the good, the bad and the ugly sides of this issue. See what she had to say about the event, and how to spot the ‘Champagne-Socialists’ of sustainability here.

*Title photo courtesy of Tanja Heffner, Unsplash


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