French President and Kering CEO Introduce Fashion Pact

French President and Kering CEO Introduce Fashion Pact

Ah, yes. The moment we’ve all been waiting for: luxury fashion brands officially stepping up to the plate.

Vogue, US Edition:

A Brief Background

Earlier this year, President Emmanuel Macron put forth the idea of an initiative of luxury brands in support of sustainability within the fashion industry. After officially appointing Kering CEO Francois Henri-Pinault to the task, it has now been presented to the world as the Fashion Pact at the G7 Summit. Comprising 32 companies (or 150 brands) as signatories, the Pact is “a set of shared objectives the fashion industry can work toward to reduce its environmental impact.”

Why It’s Different This Time

As a first for the industry, this pact represents the beginning of a massive and real shift in fashion. As Pinault suggested, there has been little movement towards real change, and the only solution is to put aside competition over resources and exclusivity and, instead, to share these elements.

The coalition is meant to uncover three to four objectives of the utmost importance that brands can work together on to provide powerful solutions.

Media Clips, etc.

To see what brands have signed the Pact, as well as more on what the initiative entails, check out the above article at

Below, see Francois Henri-Pinault discuss his journey through the industry and why luxury fashion brands need to lead the course for sustainability.


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