Fashion Editors: An Evolution of Style Icons

Fashion Editors: An Evolution of Style Icons

From Diana Vreeland to Anna Wintour, editors have always had an edge. They have power, they know everyone and everything in the industry – and they are privy to the best of the best in designer-wear. In the fashion world, they seem to be overtaking the realm of models, socialites and designers as the go-to fashionistas with the closets to beat.

Recently, a bevy of articles have circulated the web touting the style-sense and business savvy of a new wave of editors including Harper’s Bazaar-turned-Vogue Australia Editor Christine Centenera as well as editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia-turned-website creative head Miroslava Duma. Both of these women are young, successful and have appropriated a style that seems reachable and at the same time, near impossible to mimic.

Christine Centenera, who also works as Fashion Consultant to Kanye West’s women’s clothing line, is gaining social media ground based almost solely on her ability to make opposing combinations work for her small frame: oversized fur coats paired with edgy, structure shoes; neck-concealing collars and necklaces, as well as a perfect amalgamation of endless luxury designer brands.

Miroslava Duma, freelance fashion journalist and ex-editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia, has recently collaborated with a pal to create a 24 hour, 7 days a week news website based on fashion, art and culture.The website, entitled Buro24/7, will be launched in English in the upcoming year and is already a hit in her native country.  Her style is hard to describe as demonstrated through her countless appearances, where day one of Fashion week she shows up in an avant-garde printed dress with mid-calf, ink black booties, and by the same evening she will have switched to Chanel Haute-Couture whilst sporting the double purse look of late.

What makes these women often more powerful than other fashion week alum – socialites, models etc. – is perhaps a combination of their chic styling abilities with a quiet power that stems from holding high profile positions atop well-respected print media. As we’ve seen from the likes of Anna Wintour since 1988, her influence has grown to a point that allows her to control certain aspects of fashion, be it designer collections, the introduction of budding designers and models – and even spilling out into other realms including politics. They are intelligent; they understand trends and they know what mark they want to leave in the Fashion world.

In observing the career of Diana Vreeland, it also becomes apparent that having an eye for new types of beauty and design, combined with a solid understanding of audience desires, can lead you into the sometimes-precarious positions of power that all of these women hold. It’s a balance of creativity and business know-how; traits that rarely occur so evenly in most people. Thus their eye for influential style throughout each season gives them that edge above others in the same field.

There is no denying it: Christine Centenera and Miroslava Duma are making their mark in Fashion in a big way. Recently being appointed head of Vogue Australia and co-creating a popular Fashion news site respectively are the latest in proof of this explosive duo’s impending ascendency into the upper echelons of Fashion-fame. They are two to be emulated; if not for their insurmountable style, then because of their editorial and business prowess in the creative realm of Fashion.

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