The Everlane Review

Genevieve in an ethical luxury shoot.

If you haven’t jumped on the sustainable-but-still-cool train yet, you probably will now. Thankfully, the past few years have seen a rise in brands gearing their entire premise on this concept. Everlane is one of them.

I’ve been following this brand for a few years now, but not in the now-common way of discovering them through Instagram or some kind of influencer shout out, but instead through celebrity style via Angelina Jolie, Meghan Markle and a whole handful of others. Generally, the brand spotting was in the form of their leather tote bags, minimalist shoe designs or their very popular t-shirt line. The Everlane t-shirt has even been likened to iphone sales – a disruptor in its industry. Only, these are affordably priced for just about anyone, come in way more colours and you can (mostly) only order them online.

Is it Sustainable…Really?

So what is a sustainably-fashionable brand? In a world full of fake news and divisive algorithms, how can you possibly tell if you’re buying into an excellent PR campaign or the real deal? Unfortunately, without a full investigation into each company’s production process, textile sourcing and so on, there is no real way to be absolutely certain. However, there is one way that brands, like Everlane, are tackling this sort of issue: by exercising transparency as much as possible. This is something to look for, and should be present, on a company’s website. Going beyond branding statements, things like listing textile sourcing locations, providing graphs and statistics on how much water or chemicals were involved or even how the people making the clothing are taken care of. In the case of Everlane, the #knowyourfactory campaign offers video clips and information on the factories they use abroad, giving you a look behind the scenes at the working conditions for those making your clothes.

Supporting New Ideals

This is likely where all of the skeptics start rolling their eyes. And it’s not that you shouldn’t have some skepticism, because there are a lot of mistruths out there. That said, after several years of research and following the industry closely, there has been a trend from both consumers and companies towards a more sustainable and humane mindset, and the rules are changing for the better. Is there still room for improvement? Of course. Is everyone on board? Certainly not. But we’re getting there, and one way is by allowing companies with this type of mindset and strategy (and style and price point…) enter the marketplace and be supported without the fear of always being nitpicked when they try to balance both business and ethics.

Commitment to Style AND Substance

With Everlane, the fabrics are more along the traditional lines than the recycled poly-blend options you’ll often find at this price-point. The prices range from $16-$200 on everything from shoes to bags and especially the clothes. They have Pima cottons from Peru,  Mongolian cashmere and Italian leather that comprise the majority of their materials (unfortunately if you prefer a more vegan brand, some of these items won’t be for you). But, their dedication to quality through this choice of materials and construction, as well as their accessibility and ease of wear, makes them a great all around choice for most people.

Genevieve Wright wearing a black, Everlane cashmere mock turtleneck with a winter coat and plants in the background.

The Review

To test out the brand, I opted for one of their Cotton Box Cut t-shirts in Rose (I had to after hearing about them so much) and the Luxe Wool mockneck in Black, both in XS. Personally, I’m a fan of minimal, monochromatic styling so the ‘modern basics’ approach was definitely up my alley. Both of these pieces were comfortable – but the t-shirt was especially soft. So far, they’ve fit seamlessly into my wardrobe, they wash up well without shrinking (I put both in the washing machine, but the sweater I would suggest hanging to dry) and they’ve left me wanting to try other items from the brand. The only thing I would keep in mind going forward is that the cuts seem to be a bit bigger, so I would size down, unless you’re opting for an oversized look.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Everlane. To learn more, or buy up the entire brand, you can check them out online, on Instagram and Twitter!


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