Ethical Luxury Is Finally Shedding Its Granola Image

The Frontlash is an editorial moment blog by stylist Laura Jones as an editorial answer to ethical fashion.

Gone are the days that sustainable fashion conjured up that hemp-bags-and-earth-tones-only vibe. Thanks to an increase in awareness of fashion’s negative impact on the environment and people, everyone from consumers to conglomerates have had to face reality. Fortunately, reality doesn’t need to be ugly and thanks to people like Laura Jones, a stylist and magazine industry veteran, a new, beautiful spin on a once ignored area is now getting the editorial makeover it needs.

Check out this article from featuring Ms. Jones site The Frontlash. The site is a mix of “original interviews, essays and editorials” presented in a beautiful, super stylish format but with added value to its content. If you were looking for that Vogue meets social impact vibe, this is your answer.

Photo credit: The Frontlash, 2018, YouTube.


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