Biotech’s Foray Into Fashion

A line of white microscopes with a modern, mint filter show how biotech and fashion can mingle.

What was once a field known for watches and jewelry, the “wearables” industry has expanded to include wearable everything. Leather is being made from a petrie dish, silk is being made from orange peels, fabrics are being made to control body temperatures and monitor heart rates – and the list goes on. In short, biotech is taking over the fashion industry.

Biotech Startups x Fashion

While fashion-tech startups aren’t yet mainstream, their growth is exploding. According to the Business of Fashion, companies like Modern Meadows have “dozens of patents and over $50 million in funding to pursue its lab-grown leather.” Others like Bolt Threads, have not only raised significant capital, they’ve also partnered with designers like Stella McCartney. Miroslava Duma’s Future Tech lab is an incubator and investor created to fund emerging biotech startups geared at the fashion industry, while fellow investor Carmen Busquets funds similar companies through FTL and her own extensive portfolio.

Read more here on how biotech plans to evolve the fashion industry.


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