Could Artificial Intelligence Help Curb Fashion Waste?

artificial intelligence and yoox-net-a-porter-shanghai

Last year, Lil Miquela became the latest Instagram influencer to storm the social media platform. The catch? She’s actually a robot. And she’s not the only example of artificial intelligence invading the fashion industry. In fact, she’s one of many.

Artificial Intelligence Design

Data and AI are fast becoming integrated into various avenues of the fashion industry. Between trying to gain insight into consumer minds and spending habits to recreating the shopping experience, the digital revolution is taking shape around us. Most recently it was announced that YOOX released a clothing line this Tuesday entitled 8 by YOOX, based almost entirely upon data pulled from social media, websites, customer feedback, trend forecasting and more.

The Sustainability Factor

While there are some drawbacks to employing artificial intelligence (for example, the loss of jobs or even the question of creativity), it also seems like it could help to limit fashion industry waste. If the clothing is more targeted to consumers exact interests, and the number of items that might be purchased become more precise, perhaps that will lead to less overstock and possibly less production. This could mean more than just a reduction in waste; it could also mean less resources wasted, and perhaps down the line, better pricing and quality. There’s a lot to be hashed out on the topic, but it certainly presents an interesting opportunity for improvement. Do you think data and AI could help improve the industry? Leave a note in the comments!

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